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Tasks with time control

Tasks with time control
Groups and projects
Import and export
CloudKit sync


Perform your tasks with Timork. Boost your performance, control your time. Get rid of chaos and work more regularly.

Knowing that everyone likes to be awarded for their work, Timork features ranks and achievements. Additionally, you will be awarded golden stars. You can use them to buy view themes.

The most significant features of Timork

Familiarise yourself with the main program functions. Check whether it is what you are looking for.


Tasks with time control

Organise your time by adding daily tasks. The timer will allow you to control the time of their completion.


Groups and projects

Categorise your tasks into groups. There are as many as 12 of them. If that is not enough for you, you can also assign projects to them.


Searching and filtering

Browsing tasks in Timork is very convenient. There are search, grouping, and filtering functions.


Tasks with a break

After each task, you deserve for a break. Timork will take care, however, that they will not take too long.


Daily and monthly graphs

You can easily view the completed tasks in the graph. You will find out how long they lasted and what profits were achieved.


Import and export

You can export all the added tasks to a CSV file. You can import them back or create new ones collectively.


Achievements and ranks

When completing the tasks, your rank in the application improves constantly. You unlock new achievements and also win stars, which can be exchanged for view themes.


View themes

View themes additionally supplement the functionality and modernness of Timork’s interface. You can change them, provided that you regularly work with Timork.


CloudKit synchronization

All the tasks of Timork are stored in CloudKit. Thanks to that, you can work with Timork on several computers and have access to your tasks.

Presentation of program’s view

See what Timork looks like. Ideally, download it from MacAppStore today. Basic version is for free.

How to use Timork?

If you have a problem with handling the programme, read the answers for the frequently asked questions.

How to add a task?

You can add a new task in the [Today] or [Tasks] view. By clicking on the [Add] button (shortcut: ⌘ + A).

How to edit the task?

Such parameters as the task name, duration time, version, and the value can be edited directly in the task list. Additionally, you can change the completion time, task description, and break activeness. To that end, click on the pencil icon, which is in the task line.

How to change the completion time of the task?

Select the task and click on the currently displayed time. Enter the time, at which the task is to be completed. By setting the value at 00:00, the timer will count down the time forward.

How to change the completion day of the task?

Click on the pencil icon and change the task completion date in the editor. If you want to postpone the day to tomorrow, you can also click on the removal icon [x] and the [Move to tomorrow] button.

How to remove the task?

The removal button [x] is at each task. Click on it and confirm the operation.

How to browse all the tasks?

Go to the [Tasks] view. You can browse the tasks in any timeframe, change the browsing mode and the manner of grouping. Click on the [More] button. The additional menu with task searching and filtering will be displayed.

How to export the tasks?

Go to the [Tasks] view. Set a timeframe and click on the [More] button. Select [Export to CSV] from the menu. Select a location and save the file.

How to import the tasks?

Go to the [Tasks] view. Select [Import from CSV] from the menu. Open the file you want to import. If you are preparing a file for import for the first time, use the sample import file. More about the file structure can be found in the import view help.

How to change and unlock the view theme?

In order to change the theme, click on the menu button (upper right corner). Click on [Dyeworks]. Select the theme you want to use and click on [OK].
If you want to unlock the theme, you need to have an appropriate number of stars. You win the stars by completing the tasks. Select the theme you want to unlock and click on [Unlock].

How to register the PRO version?

Click on the menu button (upper right corner). Click on [Buy PRO] and on [Buy PRO] in the opened window. Then follow the MacAppStore messages.

How to restore activity for PRO version (In-App Purchases)?

If your session has expired, click on the menu button (upper right corner). Click on [Buy PRO] and on [Restore purchase] in the opened window. Then follow the MacAppStore messages.

I have found an error or I want to ask a question.

If you have not found the answer to your question at the website or you want to report a bug, write to us.


In order to take care of the quality and stability, Timork is available for download only in MacAppStore. Its basic version is for free*. Test Timork’s operation today.

*Free version allows viewing up to 5 tasks in the management view. To lift the limitation, purchase the PRO version.

Timork for Mac